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Omar Usman Khan

Dept. of Computer Science
National Univ. of Comp. & Emerging Sciences
160 Industrial Estate
Peshawar, Pakistan (Remove all _'s)
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PhD (2013) Politecnico di Torino, Italy
MS (2008) Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Pakistan


  1. Ragusa C., Khan O. A mutual demagnetizing tensor for patterned dots with rhomboid lattice geometries. In: Physica B: Condensed Matter (2013), ISSN 0921-4526.
  2. Rahim A., Ragusa C., Jan B., Khan O. A mixed mid-point Runge-Kutta like scheme for the integration of LLG. In: Journal of Applied Physics (2013), In Press.
  3. Khan O., Ragusa C., Khan F., Montrucchio B. A mutual demagnetizing tensor for n-body magnetic field modeling. In: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (2013), 49(7), 3179-3182.
  4. Giaccone L., Ragusa C., Khan O., Manca M. Fast magnetic field modelling for shielding systems. In: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (2013), 49(7), 4128-4131.
  5. Khan O., Khan F., Ragusa C., Montrucchio B. Review of Parallel and Distributed Architectures for Micromagnetic Codes. In: Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2013), 32(6), 1891-1900.
  6. Rahman A., Hasbullah H., Khan O. Energy hole mitigation techniques in sink proximity using sensor deployment in WSN. In: Research Journal of Information Technology (2011), 3(3), 167-180.

Open Source Projects

  1. TopeFFT FFT/DFT framework and routines based on OpenCL kernels (Owner/Committer)


  1. Tutorial based lecture notes on OpenCL (June 2012: slides 1 & 2, June 2013: slides 1 & 2)


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